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Yukio Shumi
Managing Partner
TEL: +81 (0)3-4550-6534


Corporate Advisory
Our outplacement solutions provide our client’s with a one-stop full service solution. We provide our corporate clients with all of the necessary knowledge and tools to implement their restructuring initiatives in Japan well-informed of the regulatory and legal environment. Japan has a complicated legal system that generally favors the employee in labor-related disputes or litigation. We take a hands-on approach to guiding our clients through redundancies, so they can avoid future problematic scenarios in Japan.

Career Counseling
We provide outplacement program participants the practical and emotional support those individuals need to make a smooth transition into their next role. Our programs are tailored around the particular individual as well as budget requirements. Working with our career coaches, participants will typically benefit from our career review and analysis, assistance with resume, CV, cover letter, and job application creation, advice on developing an on-line presence, self-employment, networking, and devising a practical career action plan for their next job and beyond.

Recent Projects
Outplacement Project for 25 Redundant Japanese Sales Staff for Medical Device Company headquartered in US (projected executed throughout Japan in every major city, 2016)

Executive Outplacement Project for Japan & Asia VP for US based Supply Chain IT Service Provider (Tokyo, 2016)

Executive Outplacement Project for Japan CFO for French Medical Equipment Company (Tokyo, 2016)

Outplacement Project for Redundant Japan Sales Force and Japan Country Manager for UK Based Power Generation Equipment Manufacturer (Tohoku, Tokyo, Osaka, 2015)

Executive Outplacement for a Director of an International Trade Arm of a Large Foreign Embassy, (Tokyo, 2013)

Executive Outplacement for a Japan Sales Director of a Major US based IT Company, (Tokyo, 2012)

Outplacement Project for a Japan FAE Division of a US based Manufacturer, (Yokohama, 2012)

Outplacement Project for the entire back office of a Canadian Based Entertainment Company’s Japanese Subsidiary (business closure, Chiba, 2011)

Yukio Shumi is in-charge of our Outplacement Services.

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Average time Outplacement Candidates required before landing a new job in 2016

Less than 2 Months
2 - 4 Months
More than 4 Months