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Executive Search

Recruitment of bilingual executives for companies starting-up, expanding, planning for management succession, and restructuring.

Talent Management

Testing, 360 degree feedback, employee surveys, & skill simulation assessment. Assessment administration, scoring, & reporting

HR Consulting

Downsizing and restructuring support. Due diligence, integrations, restructurings, turnarounds and cost improvement programs.

Client Focus

Privately-Held Search Firm

We are privately-held and our equity partners are actively managing the firm. By not having to announce our quarterly results to shareholders or investors not actively involved in the day-to-day management our of firm, we can put our clients’ interest before our personal profits and can follow our clients' timing preferences.

  • Market-Entry HR Strategy

    We can provide high-level advisory around all of your people matters in Japan and set realistic expectations

  • Poor Performer Replacement

    Extensive experience recruiting for offices experiencing declining performance and looking for better talent

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Regional APAC Manager / APAC CEO / APAC CxO Japan Country Manager / Japan President / Japan CxO Non-Executive Director / General Manager / Managing Partner


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What We Do

Our core business is executive search and recruiting professionals to work for international businesses. We primarily serve foreign capitalized companies operating in Japan, but we also serve Japanese MNCs and help them recruit executives to work in their international affiliates in the US, Europe, and Asia.

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