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Executive Search Firm in Tokyo Japan

Recently cited in the Wall Street Journal’s FINS section, Leverage is an industry leading Japanese professional service organization that provides a full range of executive search, management assessment, human capital consulting, and executive coaching services to foreign and domestic capitalized firms, joint-ventures, and mergers & acquisitions operating in Japan and Asia. Our combined resources and integrated services provide significant value to multinational companies facing complex issues in Japan, Asia and globally.

  • Business Name::
    Leverage LLP
    Main Office (Japan)::
    Nagatacho Office
    Aios Nagatacho Building
    Nagatacho 2-17-17, Chiyoda-ku
    Tokyo, Japan 100-0014
    Main Telephone Number::
    +81 (0)50-5806-9055
    Registration Number::
    MUFJ Nihonbashi
    Main Website::
    Executive Search Division:
    Address: Nagatacho 2-17-17, Chiyoda-ku
    Services: Executive Search, Recruitment, Board-Level Services
    MHLW Recruitment License: 13-ユ-306367

    Outplacement Division:
    Leverage OIGP
    Address: Nagatacho 2-17-17, Chiyoda-ku
    Services: Outplacement
    Global Partner: OI Global Partners

    Talent Management & HR Consulting Division:
    Leverage OI
    Address: Nagatacho 2-17-17, Chiyoda-ku
    Services: Talent Management, HR Consulting, Management Assessment, Coaching

    Technology Division:
    Address: Nagatacho 2-17-17, Chiyoda-ku
    Services: SaaS and Proprietary HR-related Application Development
    We have less than 30 fee-earners.
    Business Name:
    Main Office (Japan):
    Main Telephone Number:
    Registration Number:
    Main Website:

Integrity and Experience
Leverage prides itself on the long lasting relationships we’ve established with our clients. What sets us apart from other firms in Asia, is the fact that we go beyond just merely introducing qualified candidates. Our experienced consultants can provide strategic advice, offer hands-on support to our clients, and deliver valuable assessments. Our consultants all have significant experience in world-class operating companies and put our client’s interest before our personal profits. Rest assured, Leverage is a professional service organization in Japan and Asia that is here to serve in your best interest.

Internal Controls
Leverage is a privately-held Japanese executive search firm that also provides consulting and outsourcing services in Japan and Asia. We abide by and adhere to all privacy laws in Japan and Asia. Our Privacy Policy was developed in accordance with the Japanese Data Protection Act and other relevant laws regulating the recruitment and executive search industry in Japan and Asia.

If you have any questions regarding our policy or you’d like us to remove your personal data from our records, please e-mail us at info@leverage-apac.com

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Our Typical Clients

  • Foreign Businesses entering Japan or Asia for the first time
  • Foreign Businesses with existing operations in Japan or Asia
  • Domestic Japanese Businesses
  • Japanese Businesses expanding in Asia
  • Japanese Business Units of Foreign Companies located outside of Japan
  • Private Equity and Venture Capital Portfolio Companies
  • Sovereign Wealth Funds and their Portfolio Companies

2020 Client Turnover

Over $1b Annually / 23%
$500MM - $1b / 21%
$100MM - $500MM / 32%
Less than $100MM / 24%

About Our Firm

About Our Firm