Business Support

Start-up Support, Market Research and Corporate Advisory

Market Research
Our Market Research provides important information to identify and analyze market need, market size and competition. Our services include social and opinion research and we systematically gather and interpret information about individuals or organizations.

Start-up Support
Our Start-Up Consulting Module is a one-stop full service solution in which our experienced consultants provide you with all of the necessary knowledge and tools to start your business in Japan well-informed of the regulatory, tax, and legal environment. Our Start-Up Consulting Module can fully establish the company in Japan and have all processes up and running before the initial staff are hired, so that no time is wasted and you can focus on recruitment, sales, and generating revenue from your newly established subsidiary in Japan.

Business Advisory
Leverage advises new and existing businesses in Asia on cross-border deal sourcing, commercial strategy, sales-channel development and international business alliances and joint-ventures. Through our executive search and recruitment business, we’ve developed a vast network of C-level business operators and sophisticated investors that are interested in expanding their businesses and portfolios through acquisitions, joint-ventures, and strategic alliances. We help Japanese companies looking to expand their businesses overseas, as well as foreign enterprises interested to develop their services and products in Japan.

Due-Diligence Support
In addition to providing relationship based M&A advisory services, our team can help support those investors that have already identified a Japanese business to acquire. Our team provides a comprehensive project management service. We can coordinate preparation of sales & purchase agreements, review existing business contracts, and assist with the complex financial, legal, structural and tax issues that arise. We can manage the entire process and coordinate with members from your company. We provide helpful, objective advice and act as a sounding board throughout the process.

Recent Projects
We recently provided a comprehensive deal sourcing, commercial strategy, sales-channel development and international business alliance service to a Chinese manufacturer looking to expand their business in Japan and their services to Japanese manufacturers operating in mainland China.

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Business Support Project Focus and Themes in 2018

Salary Survey, Benchmarking
Competitor Organization Mapping
Distributor Search & Business Development

Business Support

Business Support