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Seiji Kaneko
Senior Partner
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Based on extensive experience, we’ve developed several consulting modules to meet the assessment needs of clients in the areas of testing, 360 degree feedback, employee surveys, and skill simulation assessment. We assist our clients in administering, scoring, and reporting assessments. Our solutions can be easily and quickly customized especially in terms of assessment content, scoring, and feedback. We generally provide our assessment services for Talent Review, Succession Management, Hiring Decisions and Promotions and Private Equity Investments.

In general our team will:

  • Evaluate personnel in the context of business objectives and cultural fit.
  • Assess a leadership team’s individual and collective ability to achieve expected results, particularly in a new environment.
  • Define individual career potential and development.
  • Provide detailed assessment reports with realistic recommendations.
  • Increase focus on retaining the strongest talent by showing the risk of key executive departures and the level of difficulty in replacing them.
  • Propose options to optimise organizational structure and ensure robust succession planning.
  • Provide objective insight into issues such as morale, communications and challenges around a team’s alignment with the strategy.

Organizations in every sector face complexity and change at an increasingly rapid rate. Executive Coaching is a focused and effective way to help your executives meet the specific challenges they face. Our Executive Coaching Service is highly tailored to the needs of the individual manager in the context of their organization and delivered to professionally accredited standards. We bring our clients a unique combination of business and behavioral knowledge and expertise. Our Executive Coaches have real in-depth experience of consulting, teaching and research with leading businesses and public sector organizations.

We offer highly customized solutions in the area of organizational and leadership development. In most cases, we begin our service by listening to our client’s needs and then tailor a solution accordingly. We can help organizations build new or update old competency models in the context of their business strategies and global workforce. We have seasoned HR consultants, who have real industry-side experience, that can design organizational development plans to help achieve business goals. Our coaches and trainers can then help implement and facilitate the plans with the appropriate teams.

Recent Projects
We recently completed a Management Assessment of a Japan CEO of a major European Telecommunications Company. We created a 7 hour assessment centre and provided a 20 page report to the client.

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Talent Management

Talent Management