Takashi Fujimaki

Senior Partner


Takashi Fujimaki
Senior Partner
TEL: +81 (0)50-5806-9055
Email: info@leverage-apac.com


Fujimaki joins Leverage after gaining 30 years of business experience. He has held roles in finance, retail, wholesale and supply chain and spent significant time working on retail and wholesale systems and supply chain management.

After graduating from university, he gained 5 years marketing experience in Nissan.

After that he became interested in the publishing industry and joined a major Japanese publishing company, where he gained over 20 years international business experience. At Yohan, the top distributor of overseas publication in Japan, he gained experience in Finance/Accounting, logistics, retail and wholesale systems and supply chain systems.

He has a BA in American and English Literature from Aoyama Gakuin University and is a certified bookkeeper in Japan.

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Our Team's Skills

P&L Management of International Business / 47%
Bilingual / 100%
More Than 15 Years Industry-Side Experience / 83%
Management Assessment Experience / 83%
Restructuring Experience / 71%

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Takashi Fujimaki

Takashi Fujimaki